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THE WINE GUIDE is based in Chicago, Illinois but our services have no geographical boundaries. Our roots began with importing & distributing and grew through widespread client interest in learning more about wine. Tastings are led by Elbert Hatley (often referred to as the wine guy) who has over fifteen years of experience in the industry. His passion for the grape, boutique wines and wineries has turned into a lovefest that he has chosen to share with all.

Elbert is poised to help everyone from the wine novice to the enthusiast become more knowledgeable about wine and wine etiquette without the typical pretentious experience. He is currently enrolled as a student in the International Sommelier Guild Program at The Illinois Institute of Art Chicago.

THE WINE GUIDE offers corporate, private and residential tastings throughout the continental U.S. Our goal is to bring our fun, informative and educational wine tastings to you while fulfilling our mission of bridging the gap between the wine novice and the wine enthusiast.

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